TopSolid is a World leading CAD/CAM/CAE solution for manufacturing. High level design capability, coupled with advanced CAM functionality while working within a PDM environment, ensures that product data works in unison across all disciplines. Used by many leading companies both within New Zealand, and around the world.

TopSolid CAM covers all disciplines of CNC Programming, be it Milling, Turning, Mill-Turn and Wire/EDM. Multiaxis and Multi turret capability, along with Probing makes TopSolid a Total Design and CNC Programming solution. Automation of repetitive programming processes aid in making TopSolid one of the most productive CNC Programming applications on the market.

Full Kinematic Awareness means that TopSolid operates within a virtual "real world" representation of your Machine Tool, warning you of overtravel and collisions, or warning you that the selected machine is incapable of achieving the desired toolpaths. The kinematic model also gives the programmer good visualisation of the machining process, which all combines to provide a more productive outcome for the CNC Programmer.

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