CGTech Vericut is the World leading solution for CNC Verification and Simulation. Since 1988, CGTech has been providing a robust solution for error and collision checking of CNC programmes and machine tools, as well as optimisation solutions to provide improved programme productivity. 

            Vericut is much more than just Verification and Simulation. Vericut can be used for the following:

                                                                  - Calculate minimum cutter extension
                                                                  - Output Setup Documents and Tool Reports
                                                                  - Optimisation using Optipath and Force
                                                                  - Programme Probing Routines

CNC Machine Support

Vericut supports a wide range of CNC Machine Tools and Controls, as well as a wide range of axis configurations and accessory equipment. The link below shows some of the machines supported

Vericut CNC Machine Showroom

CAM Interfaces

Vericut interfaces with most popular CAM and Tooling applications, allowing transferral of CAM data through to Vericut quickly and efficiently. The link below takes you to applications currently supported.

CAM and Tooling Interface Showroom
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